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The 25 winners of the 2021 1,000 Word Herd Competition. Prompt-inspired flash-fiction, all curated to benefit World Literacy Foundation.

I’m excited to see “Secrets of the Sphinx” included among the Top 25 winners of TLDR Press’ 2021 “1,000 Word Herd” contest. Given the prompts “A Lion Tamer” and “in laws”, I was challenged to write a story of no more than 1,000 words within a week, and encouraged to “get creative” with the prompts…

I’m honored to be in such impressive company, including (authors in purple are also included in last year’s winning anthology):

Abi Hennig

Ai Jiang

Arianna Verbree

Catherine Ogston

Charlie Rogers

Colin Sinclair

Di Brown

Emma Robertson

Fiona McKay

Jamil Hall

Jenni Cook

Jennifer Fleck

Jennifer Moore

K.R. Reeve

Kinneson Lalor

Lauren Voeltz

MM Schreier

Maria Protopapadaki-Smith

Matt Keller

Melinda Hagenson

Michael Maier

Mike Edbury

Nathan James

Regan Puckett

Ruth Brandt

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