My Published Works

TitlePublished In | ByRoleDateType of WorkNotes
Arcane AnthologyIron Faerie PublishingWriter2021 (April)Short Stories"Arcane" features four sets of stories from the four winning authors, each about a different magical creature.

"Protector of the Path" presents four itnerlinked tales of Meralah the nxiie!
Endless Pictures: The Best of the 1,000 Word Herd Flash Fiction CompetitionTL;DR PressWriter2020 JuneShort Story20 stories from the winners of TLDR's 2020 "Thousand Word Herd" Flash Fiction Competition. Proceeds from this book support First Story
Spinward Travellerd20 EntertainmentScript Supervisor2015 (January)ScriptUnfortunately, although filmed, post-production for the pilot was never completed and the series did not move forward.
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (the Novel)Self via SmashwordsWriter2014 (August)Book (Novelization)Novelization of Dead Gentlemen & Zombie Orpheus Entertainment's cult classic
TitlePublished In | ByRoleDateType of WorkNotes
I Attended a CIO Summit and the Sexism Is Why I Won’t Go BackAn Injustice MagazineWriter2019 (November)EssayFirst-hand encounters with sexism in technology leadership

Also curated in Medium's Leadership, Work, and Women sections
The Pretense of Sanity — Hiding My Mental Illness From My EmployerAn Injustice MagazineWriter2019 (November)EssayOn being a veteran and concealing PTSD in the name of professional safety.

Also curated in Medium's Society, Mental Health, and Work sections
Struggling With Liam | SelfWriter2019 (June)EssayRegarding Liam Neeson and the "Cold Pursuit" rape/revenge debacle.

Curated in Medium's Equality section.
Thank You For Your | SelfWriter2019 (July)EssayWhy some veterans don't care for this phrase.

Curated in Medium's "Politics" section
The Best Times to Buy A ComputerUS News & World ReportInterviewee / Resource2019 (December)ArticleGeoff Williams: advising holiday buyers regarding computer purchases
"Tatort"Descansos Anthology | Darkhouse BooksWriter2017 (July)EssayDescansos Anhology explores those unexpected transitions that change your course or your life.

"Tatort" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
Service Games: the Rise and Fall of SEGADavid MunozCopy Editor / eBook formatting2013 (December)BookSecond/Enhanced edition of the collected history of SEGA based on Sam Pettus' web site "Eidolon's Inn"
Welcome To My NightmareSusan GangerEditor2012 (December)BookSusan Ganger's self-exploration of Military Sexual Trauma
The Complete Amateur's Guide to Self-Publishing in the Digital AgeSelfWriter2012 (December)PamphletA decade ago, I gathered my thoughts and tips for self-publishing. [Pulled from circulation because the ePub world has changed]

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