Mac vs PC: How To Choose

The non-geek’s guide to choosing between Mac and Windows when buying a personal computer
00:27 Mac and Windows are NOT competitors
00:53 Which one’s really easier?
01:02 Which one’s more secure?
01:27 Why Macs get fewer viruses, Part 1 [They’re NOT immune]
02:03 Why Macs get fewer viruses, Part 2: what you sacrifice for safety
03:37 Why does the tech at work hate my Mac?
04:03 Why Windows is “easier to break”
04:45 Why Mac users get better service.
05:52 No propaganda, just common sense. How to choose what’s best for *you
07:03 Accessibility
08:13 TL;DR – “Which one should I get?”
08:50 Extra considerations for workplace decision making
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