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Endless Pictures

Endless Pictures is a collection of the 20 highest-rated flash fiction pieces from TL;DR Press first flash fiction competition. In 1k words or less, authors bring you to new worlds, stretch the boundaries, and warm our hearts. Each unique entry was given two prompts, and each one show just how much you can do with... Continue Reading →

What Does “Institutional Bias” Even Mean?

I’ve been having some interesting and challenging conversations on race recently. One of the things that seems most difficult for people I encounter to wrap their minds around is the concept of institutional racism. Raised on the belief that democratic law and justice are impartial, it’s hard for Americans to understand how a “system” can... Continue Reading →

Waking Up White: Chapter 24

Waking Up White: Chapter 24 - Everyone is Different; Everyone Belongs
The author discusses her children's school, where diversity is valued but children of color fall behind white students nonetheless

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